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Plastics Certification Webinar - registrations now open!

We are in the midst of a global plastics crisis. Businesses can no longer assume that unsubstantiated claims, pledges, or pacts around their use of plastic will be enough to secure the public’s trust. Now more than ever they need to prove the ways they are recycling, cutting the use of plastic and adopting sustainable alternatives through a robust certification process.

Certification against a trusted plastics standard can be of great value. At Control Union we have an array of plastic certification and verification schemes. Between them, these schemes are suitable for companies of all sizes and from all sectors. They provide recognition for brand’s reductions in plastic usage and secure the public’s trust for the long term.

This webinar explores the range of plastics certifications we can offer, giving an overview of each to help you identify which is right for your business.

Webinar Details:


We are running the same webinar twice to give options to those in different time zones. You only need to register for one.


Option 1: For those in European and Americas time zones

  • Date: 3rd May 2023:

  • Time 16:30-18:00 CET

  • Location: Online

  • Language: English

Option 2: For those in European, Asian and Australasian time zones

  • Date: 10th May 2023

  • Time 10:30-12:00 CET

  • Location: Online

  • Language: English


  • Understand why your business needs a plastics certification

  • Understand which certifications are on offer and how they are of benefit to businesses

  • Identify which might be right for your business

Register now: 3rd May 16:30-18:00 CET
Register now: 10th May 10:30-12:00 CET
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