UK Plastic Packaging Tax Support

With the launch of the new Plastic Packaging Tax in the UK happening on 1st April 2022, businesses need to ready themselves to properly report on the proportion of recycled materials in their plastic packaging.

The Plastic Packaging Tax

The tax is chargeable for the below organisations, who are producing/importing over 10 tonnes of plastic packaging per year, which does not contain at least 30% recycled material*. If their plastic packaging does contain 30% or more recycled material, you are still required to report on this to HMRC but will not be subject to the tax charges.

UK manufacturers of plastic packaging:

  • Importers of plastic packaging
  • Business customers of manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging

*Some exceptions apply, such as for the packaging of human medicine. Full and up to date details can be found on the UK government website

How we can help

Control Union UK can assist companies to comply with the requirements of this new tax, and report to HMRC, with the following services:

  • Registration with HMRC
  • Development of due diligence programs to meet the UK Plastic Packaging Tax provisions
  • Audit:
    • verify that you are carrying out the required due diligence
    • identify any gaps to be addressed to meet the requirements of the tax
    • preparation of accounts and plastic/recycled plastic volumes reconciliation
    • production of plastic/recycled plastic accounts reports
    • verification of suppliers’ claims


Control Union has over 100 years of experience in inspections, certifications, and reporting, giving us the expertise needed to help you comply with the reporting requirements of this new Plastic Packaging Tax.

  • Reduce burden of reporting
  • Ensure appropriateness and accuracy of reporting to comply with the tax
  • Get independent third-party assurance of your recycled plastic usage which can also be used to support environmental and waste management claims

If you would like to know more about how we can support your business to properly report the recycled content of your plastic packaging in order to comply with the UK Plastic Packaging tax please contact us on

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