Beverley O’Kane

Bev joined CU UK as a Fisheries Officer in October 2019. She has a strong background in the fisheries and marine sector. Prior to joining CUUK she was involved in marine and environmental consultancy and seafood sustainability, conducting research on inshore fisheries management.

She is experienced in assessing the sustainability of global fisheries using UK and U.S. standards and methodologies, including Seafish, Marine Conservation Society and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Her experience is focused on elasmobranch and shellfish species: much of Bev’s previous work has focused on various crawfish fisheries throughout the Caribbean region, California, Brazil and the UK tasked with assessing the stock status, management and ecosystem impacts of these fisheries against various sustainable seafood standards. She has lived and worked in the fisheries sector in Norway, Ireland and the U.S, including on a shellfish boat in Irish waters.

Bev is a Fishery Team Leader and Project Manager and is ISO19011 qualified. Since joining Control Union, her portfolio has largely focused on Pacific tuna fisheries, crawfish and mussel fisheries. She is also trained in the RFVS Standard.

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