Bhagya Fonseka

Bhagya has over seven years of experience in the certification industry. She joined CU Sri Lanka in 2016 and has experience in working with many certification schemes such as organic agriculture, food safety and fisheries. Bhagya is a qualified lead auditor for ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP Food & Vegan. She has many years of experience in working as a certifier for organic & food safety certification schemes.

Bhagya joined CUUK in 2022. She is currently working as the program manager for regenagri chain of custody module, and the management of Rain Forest Alliance scheme in the UK. She is a lead auditor for Rain Forest Alliance program. Bhagya is working as the certifier for Plastic Free Scheme too.

Bhagya graduated from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka with a B.Sc. in Animal Science & Fisheries (Hons) in November 2015. She is currently reading for a MSc in food Processing Engineering in the UK.

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