Dr. Hugh Jones

Hugh obtained his PhD in Australia investigating the bioaccumulation of mercury in estuarine food webs and the effects on human health, following a BSc. (Hons) in Marine Biology from Plymouth University.

He has a broad background in marine research including publications and reports on ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessments and fisheries research. Prior to joining CU UK he was employed by the University of Tasmania as a fisheries scientist in the development of an empirical harvest strategy for the commercial abalone fisheries and fisheries assessments of estuarine bivalves. This included work on population metrics (recruitment, growth), harvest dynamics (catch rates, market selectivity), and the use of fine scale geo-spatial techniques as performance measures to assess stock sustainability.

He is a contributing author to the Status of Australian Fish stocks for Tasmanian abalone and shellfish fisheries. Hugh currently works as the Principal Fisheries Assessment Manager for CU UK.

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