Tobias van der Velden

Tobias joined Control Union (UK) in 2021 as an agricultural auditor specialising in organic farming and processing systems. Tobias comes from a farm management background which has been instrumental in his work within Control Union (UK)’s agricultural department.

Tobias is responsible for managing Global G.A.P., FSA and the LEAF Marque certification programmes and helps coordinate the Plastic Free programme.

Tobias is involved in Social aspects (Ethical Trading Initiative), Food & Feed safety aspects (GMP+), holds a HACCP Level 3 qualification and works as a lead auditor in wide variety of certification schemes and auditing services offered by Control Union (UK) including Plastic Free, Approved Inputs (organic), Heineken Sustainable Sourcing and the Heineken Greener projects, GSK Sustainable Sourcing and Regenagri farm inspections. He is also a certifier for Regenagri Farms and Regenagri Chain of Custody.

Outside of work, Tobias is studying Soil Science and Chemistry to provide him with a deeper understanding of what exactly is going on within our soils and how to improve this without the use of chemicals to create a healthy and sustainable way of growing foods.

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