Bonsucro - Better Sugarcane Initiative

Control Union is a global service provider for the sugar industry and officially approved by Bonsucro. We perform verification services across the full supply chain, from the sugar mill to the final consumers across the globe.

Managing social and environmental risks is important for sugarcane growers, processors and food companies due to regulatory frameworks as well as shareholder and consumer expectations for sustainably-produced goods.

Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder association established to reduce the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane growth by designing a standard and program to improve the industry.

This initiative has succeeded in bringing together all stakeholders and has developed a means of achieving its objectives within the sugarcane business.
For more information, visit the Bonsucro website.

Control Union is accredited to carry out audits and certifications according to Bonsucro Standards. In addition the certification process, we can offer pre-audits and training as a Bonsucro authorised training provider.


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