What is the ENplus® certification scheme?

The ENplus® certification scheme has been testing the uniform and excellent quality of wood pellets throughout the supply chain since 2010. ENplus® certified pellets are suitable for small furnaces and therefore applicable for energy production for e.g. private households and public buildings like schools and swimming pools.

However, ENplus® certified pellets are not intended for companies engaged in large-scale industrial energy production. In this case, an examplary suiting certification scheme could be the EN-B certification system for industrial pellets.

Control Union Germany is a recognised certification and inspection body for the scheme and with offices in over 80 countries, we can conduct certification inspections inside and outside Europe for pelletising, storing, trading and transporting wood pellets.


As a natural product, pellets are highly susceptible to quality defects and contamination caused by environmental factors. Low-quality wood pellets can lead to harmful unintended emissions when burned, inefficiencies in energy production, and operational failures.

ENplus® can therefore be an adequate system for companies that want to prevent quality defects in their wood pellets or have their own quality standards certified.

What does the ENplus® certification scheme cover?

Based on ISO standards 17225-2 and ISO 9001, the system audits producers, traders and service providers of wood pellets and their supply chains for compliance with the standard requirements.
ENplus® places a particular emphasis on traceability and the individual quality classes of wood fuels.

There are also distinctions in the certifiable quality classes of pellets. ENplus®-A1 certifies the highest quality class, while ENplus®-A2 allows a broader range of raw materials, for example with an ash content of up to 1%.

As an ENplus®-certified company, you guarantee that quality-assuring practices and product requirements are established in your value chains during pelleting, storage, bagging, as well as trading and transport of wood pellets.

What are the certification modalities of ENplus®?

There are fundamental differences in the requirement profiles for producers, traders and service providers, as well as the concrete steps to the ENplus® certificate. These can be viewed in the ENplus®ST 1001 as well as in the ENplus® manual.

The ENplus® program provides for a certification inspection every three years and an annual surveillance inspection. The validity of an issued certificate is also 3 years.

In order for us to create a customized offer for your company, please fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and send it to our program managers.

In order for us to create a customized offer for your company, please fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and send it to our program managers.

Download the programme manual
ENplus® includes the entire chain of custody for wood pellets and is built around three modules – production, trading and provision of services (like bagging, storage and transport). It focuses on the traceability and quality class of wood pellets for households.

Download the programme manual from the ENplus® website here.

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