Grown in Britain

Grown in Britain is an independent not-for-profit organisation, encouraging more demand for home-grown wood and resulting in better management of UK woods and forests.

Grown in Britain’s focus is to combat the deceptive use of the British flag on timber products and to make Grown in Britain the certification mark of choice for buyers, suppliers and the public. The opportunities and benefits presented by Grown in Britain are endless; not just for the environment, but for people, wildlife, and our local economies.

UK consumers want to know the origin of the products they buy and by nature they want to by local. Grown in Britain licensing gives them the assurance they need. The Grown in Britain brand identifies wood that has been grown in Britain and assured through our robust but simple licensing scheme. It is a proud and protected trademark that assures that the timber comes from Britain and forests and woods that are well managed and in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard.

Grown in Britain offers Chain of Custody (CoC) certification covering licence categories such as forest product, supplier and woodfuel. These categories require an annual audit and on passing the audit Grown in Britain will issue your certificate and unique licence number, as well as the Grown in Britain logo pack.

Control Union is an independent certification body that carries out audits for Grown in Britain.
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