Social auditing services

Control Union is able to offer standard and bespoke based social auditing services to the fisheries industry.

Our team are proud to have developed ‘in-house’ the International Fisheries Social Standard (IFSS). This is aimed at the global high seas fishing fleets which are often seen as one of the areas of highest risk (with vessels at sea for up to six months at a time). Social auditing of fishing vessels is complex and difficult to complete mainly due to the obvious accessibility issues which exist. Our solution has been to develop a standard with a low sampling level but with all audits completed on an unannounced basis. We feel this combination provides a higher level of integrity for social audits (rather than auditing lots of vessels in port but with them all receiving two weeks’ notice that an auditor is visiting).  The standard itself is based around the requirements of the ILO ‘Work in Fishing Convention; (ILO No. 188) which ensures that vessels are meeting best practices at all times.

Alternatively and for different fishing situations, Control Union is happy to help design and implement a bespoke auditing package that suits your needs.

To discuss the use of the IFSS standard or a difference bespoke option please contact Control Union at or on 01590 613007. One of our team would be delighted to help you.

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