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Case Study: GROUND Burger from the Ethical Butcher achieves regenagri certified status

regenagri have awarded regenagri certified status to the beef in the GROUND burger kit from the Ethical Butcher.

regenagri is Control Union UK’s regenerative agriculture initiative.

Beef has long had a poor reputation for its impact on the environment, but the team at the Ethical Butcher are determined to work with farmers who are operating in a way which is better for animals, humans, and the planet.

With the GROUND burger kit, they aimed to raise the bar even further, working with regenerative farmer Neil Harvey to source beef which not only tastes great, but is having a positive impact on the environment.

regenagri worked with the Neil Harvey and the team at the Ethical Butcher to audit their methods against our regenerative agriculture standard criteria, to certify that the beef in the GROUND burger kit is in fact regeneratively produced.

Watch our video case study to find out more about our work with Neil Harvey and the Ethical Butcher

The process of becoming regenagri certified starts with a farm visit to conduct our audit against the regenagri standard criteria. We toured the farm with Neil, assessing practices and gathering information which was uploaded onto the regenagri Digital Hub. Here the farm data is accessible for monitoring and benchmarking to both Neil as the farmer, and the Ethical Butcher as his supply chain buyer. The Digital Hub also offers Neil actionable insight into how to ensure he is on a continuous improvement cycle with his regenerative methods.

Next in the process comes the assessment and certification. The farm’s practices, data and supporting evidence were assessed by our qualified certifier against the regenagri standard criteria. As the minimum regenerative threshold was met, Neil’s beef farming and the Ethical Butcher’s GROUND burger were awarded the regenagri certification, allowing them to make a robust claim that their burgers come from a regeneratively farmed beef herd.

“We’ve built the brand of GROUND Burger to be a challenger and industry disruptor within the sector in that we want to fundamentally break the narrative that meat production is bad for the environment. We founded the brand on sourcing only 100% pasture raised beef for our burger patties but we wanted more from our provenance, we wanted to be able to make the claim that these methods of farming could be actually beneficial.

We were very excited to partner with regenagri and to work with them and our farmer supplier to achieve this certification. The process was incredibly simple with a single day of visit to the farm where the measurements were made, and a bit of follow up documentation before the assessment and certification were carried out by the regenagri team.

We can now sell certified regenerative beef and this gives us a huge commercial advantage in a very saturated marketplace.” Glen Burrows, Co-Founder of the Ethical Butcher

We are looking forward to seeing how the farm has progressed when we go back next year, to carry out the annual re-assessment.

To find out more about how your organisation could benefit from regenagri certification, or from incorporating regenerative farms into your supply chain, contact us.
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