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Case Study: Mon Exports

Our client Mon Exports, based in India, take their social contribution seriously. They make bags and luggage for their client’s brands, and had traditionally relied on materials such as Leather, Canvas (Waxed/Non-Waxed), Cork, Jute and Rattan. Realising that their clients and end customers were becoming increasingly concerned with environmental issues and sustainability, they were looking for a new production material which could directly address these concerns. Ocean Bound Plastic was their answer.

Setting up their supply chain of Ocean Bound Plastic and developing a suitable fabric from recycled plastic was a significant challenge for Mon Exports, but they were aided by working in collaboration with other OBP certified companies who cover other parts of the supply chain. They were able to successfully create a fabric from 100% recycled ocean bound plastic which they now use in the manufacture of their products.

Plastic which could otherwise have ended up in the ocean is collected for recycling

Mon Exports have found that carrying the OBP certification on their products has been of huge value to them, as it has increased demand from their client base across Europe and the USA, with one America client stating ‘“This is the future. As it is empowering nations to save the ocean and benefit from it too” Yi-Mei Truxes – Founder, Bembien. They have found that certification has given them access to higher value markets, whilst also facilitating their social purpose of protecting the ocean and its biodiversity.

Mon Exports products can proudly carry the Ocean Bound Plastic Certified mark on their labels.

“The OBP certification encourages us to remove the ocean bound plastic from the environment. We are fortunate to be a part of this change and want others to be a part of it too.”

Biswadeep Ghosh - Owner - Mon Exports

If you would like to know more about the Ocean Bound Plastic scheme please contact us on, or alternatively sign up to our Free Webinar taking place on 19th May 2021, to find out about our range of plastic related certifications

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