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Going plastic free could be easier than you think

‘More Masks Than Jellyfish’ read one headline. The year of 2020 and the pandemic saw the use of plastic masks and PPE on an unprecedented scale. As the lockdown eases, it is time to refocus our energies towards solutions and opportunities.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods producers are major contributors to the plastic pollution crisis, and pressure is mounting on them to reduce their reliance on plastic for products and packaging. Less than 10% of the plastic produced in the world has been recycled and with plastic production set to increase four-fold by 2050, using more sustainable materials is vital.

The good news story is that innovation is blossoming – from phone cases to toothbrushes, food packaging to sanitary products, companies are starting to use alternative materials to make more environmentally conscious products. The sector is also growing at an unprecedented rate: the bamboo toothbrush market set to be worth nearly £35m by 2027 – an annual growth rate of ~ 10%.

So how do you move your business away from heavily relying on plastic?  It starts with designers. Designers are pivotal in selecting the materials which are used in millions of products – before they are manufactured at scale and shipped around the globe.  For decades, plastic has been their default material of choice: It is eye-wateringly cheap, flexible, easy to mold and prints beautifully. It also lasts forever.  What designers need is a trusted portal of information to showcase plastic free materials and source them.  A Plastic Planet is a global solutions organisation, with a single goal: To Turn off the Plastic Tap. Uniquely pro-business and solutions focused, A Plastic Planet created the Materials Library and works with global giants including Kraft Heinz and Unilever to prototype plastic free designs for iconic products.

The Plastic Free Certification Mark can be carried on certified products and packaging.

A Plastic Planet also launched the Plastic Free Certification Mark for brands and packaging who have invested significant time and energy to re-think their products away from plastic.  Available exclusively through Control Union UK, the Mark clearly and unambiguously differentiates products from their plastic counterparts and gives shoppers what they are actively looking for: The choice to buy Plastic Free. The Mark can be seen on thousands of products globally with focus on countries in the EU.

‘Shoppers no longer want the plastic guilt. They want to be able to quickly and easily buy products that are plastic free, reassured that they are not contributing to the billions of tonnes of plastic waste that pollute our planet.  The Plastic Free Mark gives them that reassurance, backed up with A Plastic Planet’s reputation as an uncompromising pioneer, helping us all turn off that plastic tap.’ Sian Sutherland, Cofounder of A Plastic Planet

To hear more about Plastic Free and other plastic related certifications sign up to our free webinar on the 19th May 2021.

To apply for Plastic Free Mark – start your application by clicking here and our expert team will be ready to walk you through the process.

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