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regenagri® and Cool Farm Alliance collaborate to drive progress and monetisation of regenerative agriculture.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new version of the regenagri digital hub, regenagri 2.0. It includes the capability to manage large groups of farms and offers new functionality to measure carbon and monetise good environmental practice.

A key element of the new release is the integration of Cool Farm Alliance’s (CFA) Cool Farm Tool. As a result, users of the digital hub can access verifications of GHG emissions and CO2. The verifications are done under ISO 14064-5 accreditation, allowing users to generate carbon credits. In this way, farms can gain access to an additional source of funding, by selling the credits on the green finance market or using them in offsetting projects along their supply chain.

Franco Costantini, Managing Director of Control Union UK, which owns regenagri, says:

“This development responds to the needs of farms and brands for measuring and reporting on regenerative progress. For brands, these additions to the platform facilitate the roll out of regenerative projects with large groups of farms. And for the farms themselves, version 2.0 bridges the gap between farming and green financing”

This release has been undertaken as part of a wider collaboration with CFA, aimed at better supporting farms and their supply chain with a complete solution for measuring regenerative projects. The regenagri digital hub brings not just administrative ease and efficiencies around data entry and management, but also a consistent methodology for the measurement and verification of carbon.

Mr Costantini explains the importance of the collaboration between regenagri and CFA:

“Our collaboration with CFA is crucial to advance the progress of regenerative agriculture. It provides our members with the benefits of a complete solution through the digital hub and the easy access to our combined services.

“As well as their well-established member base, CFA brings their proven methodology for carbon measurements.

“regenagri on the other hand has an extensive global network and offers a continuous improvement structure. Farms, brands and supply chains have global access to our supporting services such as certifications, verifications and consultancy, no matter where they are based.”

Richard Profit, General Manager of the Cool Farm Alliance says:

“The Alliance is delighted to be working on the regenagri collaboration with Control Union. It provides a fantastic opportunity for the continued growth and impact of the work of the Cool Farm Alliance. Digital interoperability between tools such as the Cool Farm Tool and the regenagri digital hub are critical to achieve the scale needed to empower farmers and agricultural supply chains to transform and adopt regenerative agriculture practice.”

Existing Cool Farm Tool users will be able to request verifications of their carbon data through the new regenagri digital hub, with no need for them to resubmit data.

Harry Farnsworth, sustainable agriculture projects lead at regenagri, explains how this means that the new version of the digital hub opens up opportunities for regenerative farms to access additional funding:

“By including the capacity to calculate on farm carbon emissions and sequestration, plus verification of any carbon savings, the updated digital hub provides a pathway for farms to be awarded carbon credits, which can be sold on the green finance market or to their supply chain businesses looking to offset emissions to reach net zero targets.”

“And crucially, the new platform is also open to corporate members. This provides a means for supply chain corporates to view the data from farms in their supply chain, without any extra effort on the part of the farm business.”

If you are a regenerative farmer, work with regenerative farmers in your supply chain or work in green finance, sign up to our free webinar: Unlocking the hidden value in the soil, taking place on 21st July 2021. Or to find out more about the regenagri initiative please visit or contact us on +44(0)20 7488 2210 or

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