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Robustness and accuracy at scale – the certification process for large agribusinesses

In the GROUND burger kit case study from Neil Harleys farm, we saw how the certification process works for a single herd of livestock. Neil uses mob grazing on diverse pastures across an area of land that was being taken out of intensive crop cultivation, regenerating the land the biodiversity around it. Our audit covered the entire farm area and looked at management plans, soil sampling data and in field indicators. We used the information gathered to score Neil’s farm against the regenagri standard criteria, accessible through the Digital Hub. This area of Neil’s operation covered 87.5 hectares, and some larger agribusiness might be wondering how regenagri can be used to scale across a larger business, potentially in a different climate to Neil’s farm.

Certification against the regenagri standard criteria is available globally to farms and agribusinesses of all sizes, as well as the organisations in their supply chain. The regenagri standard criteria and audit process have been designed to look at an entire operation, whilst considering key geographical indicators such as climate. The criteria consider how regenerative methods are being implemented in the context of the area being assessed. The results of the audit set in motion a continuous improvement cycle and the following annual audits will look for improvements in score against the criteria to ensure ongoing regeneration is taking place.

In the context of a larger agribusiness and/or companies at the end of supply chains, regenagri can be scaled to fit the context of their business. The Digital Hub offers businesses an overview of all the farmers in their supply chain. This feature will allow companies to benchmark, access data insights at the individual farm level, see assessment scores, monitor continuous improvement and access farm specific carbon emissions data.

If a business wants to apply for regenagri certified status, there is an auditing process similar that seen in the GROUND burger kit case study. Control Union is regenagri’s approved certification body – a qualified auditor from your local Control Union office visits the farm(s) to conduct the regenagri assessment. This can apply to multi-farm operations, groups of small holders and large farmland areas. The audit processes can be modified to the area and operation being assessed. If the farm in question has 6000 hectares for example, the auditor could inspect 77.5 hectares of land which was made up of a representative section of the entire operation. The auditor then runs the data and further supporting evidence through the Digital Hub to produce a final score. If the minimum threshold is met or exceeded, regenagri certification can be awarded. Farms which do not meet the minimum threshold are provided with advice to ensure their continued improvement in order to achieve the requirements of the standard.

The size, large or small of the operation does not define whether a farm can be certified, the process is scalable to all operations, arable or livestock and is conducted in line with the regenagri standard criteria.

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