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Control Union UK launches free video series on Textiles Certifications

In today's environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to align their operations with sustainable practices. Textile certifications provide a powerful tool for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing, production, and consumption.

Why a self-made claim about plastics is no longer enough

Since the BBC aired Blue Planet 2 in 2017, the conversation around the use of plastics has continued to hit the headlines with increasing regularity and is of growing concern to consumers and governments alike. The UN Environment Programme estimates that plastics constitute “as much as 95 percent of the marine litter found on coastlines, the sea surface, and the ocean floor”. And when it comes to plastics it is packaging which is the biggest culprit, with the UK alone producing over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging every year. Given the gravity of the global plastics crisis, businesses can no longer assume that unsubstantiated claims, pledges, or pacts around their use of plastic will be enough to secure the public’s trust in their brand. Now more than ever they need to prove the ways in which they are cutting the use of plastic and adopting alternative, compostable, materials through a robust certification process.

Max Goulden appointed as new Control Union (UK) Managing Director

Control Union (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Max Goulden as the new Managing Director of the company. With a strong focus on client service and developing new opportunities, Max will work to grow and strengthen Control Union (UK’s) already well-established certification business across our core sectors: textiles, timber, marine, agriculture, plastics, biofuels, food safety and social compliance. In addition, he will work to support and develop our industrial inspections and commodities inspections services.

Control Union gains accreditation for ACS-MSC Seaweed Standard


Control Union UK are proud to announce our recent accreditation for the ASC-MSC Seaweed Standard.

Seaweed operations can influence water movement, the physical structure of terrestrial and aquatic habitats and water quality, as well as the productivity of fisheries. Globally, seaweed production and harvesting are increasing, leading to the demand for oversight and certification.

Supporting Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program

Control Union has collaborated with Amazon to help those selling products on Amazon’s online store qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) program. CPF enables Amazon customers to easily find more-sustainable products, by searching for those which carry the CPF badge. Program inclusion drives an average 10% increase in product page views. In order to qualify for the CPF badge, products must hold at least one of a number of trusted certifications.

The Plastic Free Certification is launching!

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the Plastic Free certification for products. This vital certification helps businesses to do their part in the fight against plastic waste, and this relaunch represents our commitment to the organisations who have previously engaged with the scheme, as well as those who hope to do so in the future.

Innovative new vertical farming certification launches

A brand new certification has launched today for vertical farming – Sustainable Indoor Farming.

Vertical Farming is a rapidly growing, cutting edge, technology-driven food production system in a controlled environment, where space, water, and nutrient efficiency is maximised through growing plants in vertically stacked soil-less substrates.

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